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【勝久HCコメント】1月26日㈬ vs.琉球ゴールデンキングス

勝久ヘッドコーチ 試合後コメント


前田選手 試合後コメント

天皇杯の借りを返すつもりでプレーしたが、負けてしまい残念。個人的にはディフェンス面で反省点が多く、本当に悔しい負け方だった。 気持ちを切り替えて、明日から次の試合に向けて頑張ります。

マクヘンリー選手 試合後コメント

Post Game Press Conference on January 26th, 2022 vs. the Ryukyu Golden Kings
w/ #55 Anthony McHenry of the Shinshu Brave Warriors

We probably played a really good game today up until the last two or three minutes... Just a few let downs on the defensive end...They are a really good team that you can't give them chances like that and that capitalizes on it today.
We had a confidence from the very beginning of the season. We proved ourselves that we can play anybody. And we just had a lot of injuries that kinda set us back a little bit...and just trying to be able to compete without the entire team and that was a tough task. I think that we showed that even not with a full strength, if we have a most of our team, then we can play anybody and we really believe that.

We always knew that he had a potential to be that type of player, it was only a matter of time, before he started playing that way throughout the season. He is really good, you know, he's young so he still has some growing to do...that's for any young player, but I think he is on the right track. He's been really good for us especially lately, and more experience that he gets, the better he's gonna be.   
-Asked about Reo Maeda's all-around performance-

I don't think that it's the strength, physicality, or anything like that. We had really good game plans, and when we excuse them, we're successful. And when we don't, we're not. So that's what it all comes down to. Whether we can execute the game plan that our coaches put together for us, or not. And how high level we can do that. Like I said that the Chiba [Jets] is a tough team and the Kings is a tough team and they have been physical teams, but we planned for that and we know that come in. It's just a matter of execution.
-Asked if a lack of physical strength is the factor for tonight's loss-

It was just another game. You know that they are in our division so we gonna see them a few times throughout the season. I still have some friends on their team and I was coached by their head coach. We have a relationship, but once the ball is tipped up, it's a game time and I'm just trying to win whatever it takes.
-Asked if tonight's game was special playing against his former team-

Yes, I think so. I think that we are more prepared this year, I think that we have more experience with this level of basketball. And there is no question that the new players that we signed are helping us tremendously this year. So yeah I think it's different, but like I said, it really all comes down to the execution, and that was the case last year, and that is the case this year too.
-Asked if he sees a difference from the previous season-

I mean, it was a tough loss so it's ok to feel down. I'm actually glad that he does feel down, he played well, and I know that he feels like he played well enough to win this game, and it was a great opportunity, but with that said, we still have a job to do. We have two games coming up and once we get to the gym tomorrow to prepare for  Osaka, the game is over. So it's okay for him to feel down about tonight, but tomorrow, we need to get back to business.
-Asked what advise would he give his young teammates like Reo Maeda-

I know it has been difficult time with the pandemic and everything...But I just really wanna say that I really appreciate the support that they have been giving us throughout the first half of the season, and I'm sure that they gonna do the same, coming out for the second half of the season. On behalf of our players and coaches, they just don't know how much that means to us for them to still support us throughout this time so I just wanna say thank you to them and look forward to seeing them again in the next game.
-Message for the boosters-










【試合結果】B.LEAGUE B1 第18節



2022年1月26日㈬ 19:05 TIP-OFF




信州 85 - 86 琉球

通算成績 12勝17敗

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#15 前田選手 22点
#50 マーシャル選手 20点
#55 マクヘンリー選手 19点

#11 熊谷選手 5本
#50 マーシャル選手 4本
#55 マクヘンリー選手 4本
#15 前田選手 3本
#24 ホーキンソン選手 3本
#77 岡田選手 3本

#50 マーシャル選手 8本
#55 マクヘンリー選手 8本
#5 ヤン選手 6本
#24 ホーキンソン選手 4本

#15 前田選手 2本
#12 栗原選手 1本
#50 マーシャル選手 1本
#77 岡田選手 1本

#50 マーシャル選手 7本
#55 マクヘンリー選手 2本
#24 ホーキンソン選手 1本


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